Emerging Artists Support Scheme

Emerging Artist Support Scheme

Every year graduates from the ANU School of Art are awarded an exhibition at
Belconnen Arts Centre as part of the Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS).

Through mentoring and support the EASS artists receive experience in presenting a solo exhibition and exposure to new audiences. The program encouraging their growth as emerging artists and brings some of the best of Canberra’s contemporary art to the North Canberra region.


Past recipients

slide_artistinresidencehayleylander2015 – Hayley Lander

Hayley Lander’s works is made in response to the unique qualities of the suburban environment around us. The representational paintings depict scenes of habitats being immersed in Canberra’s ‘green skeleton.’

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slide_artistinresidenceantonpoon2015 – Anton Poon

Artist Anton Poon uses the metaphor of a bridge to explore the concept of cultural transition. With influences such as Chris Burden and documentaries such as Mega Structures, his work uses the metaphor of a bridge to explore the concept of cultural transition.

slide_artistinresidencecapturinginherentpatterns2015 – Yioryios

Yioryios continues his artistic investigation of architecture, the human figure, objects and landscape from an abstract perspective. The artist says: “I am driven by exploration and discovery and its unique portrayal in my body of artworks. My work adds to the new generation of abstraction and will continue to expand this field with new, futuristic works.”

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slide_artistinresidenceannasutherland2014 – Anna Sutherland

Textile artist Anna Sutherland hand-dyes and prints onto a variety of fabrics including silks and velvets to create richly decorative interior settings, embellishing unique bespoke furniture pieces and accessories with jewel-like qualities.

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slide_eass-mariakunz2014 – Maria Kunz

Sculptor Maria Kunz embraces the calm process of creation, allowing her to create work in small parts, and conceive large ideas. She uses weaving and found materials in her work.

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slide_eass-jemimaparker2013 – Jemima Parker

Jemima Parker uses traditional textile materials and methods, along with drawing and printmaking processes to create work that moves between disciplines and blurs boundaries of creative practice.

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slide_eass-rogerjillard2013 – Roger Jillard

Roger Jillard’s steel works are concerned with themes of confinement, direction and control coupled with ideas of sight and perception.


slide_eass-harrytownsend2012 – Harry Townsend

Harry Townsend has focused his research with the aim to find a way to bring himself physically and conceptually closer to nature and its cycles of life, death and renewal through the practice of making sculpture.


slide_eass-janetlong2012 – Janet Long

Janet Long investigates the intersections between east and west, our helplessness in the face of impermanence and aging and our relationship with the natural world, particularly animals.


slide_eass-leoniegill2012 – Leonie Gill

Leonie Gill’s work emerges through experimentation. Working with chance and accident to investigate the innate language of material she seeks to translate ideas that are part of its language into a physical reality, and not disguise the essential character of the material.

slide_artistinresidenceelizabethficken2011 – Elizabeth Ficken

Elizabeth Ficken exhibited work in the Outdoor Gallery. Her alternate landscapes used steel rods to create a strong linear geometry reflecting the environment of Belconnen Art Centre, referencing the natural surroundings and the fabric of the building itself.

slide_artistinresidenceheikequalitz2010 – Heike Qualitz

Heike’s residency led to just passing through… an exhibition of sculptural works borne from a desire to engage with the landscape, both constructed and natural.

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