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July-December program - Dance Classes

Hilal Dance With Rachael Hilton

Thursday 2 - Wednesday 8 October

International dance artist Suraya Hilal returns to the ACT, and is the focus of another AIR at BAC during October with Hilal Dance Canberra. During the one week residency, activities will include open dance workshops, a demonstration workshop with discussion, professional classes and an Arabic Percussion workshop.

5 - 7pm, Friday, 3 October:
Demonstration Workshop and discussion ($30)
10am - 3pm, Saturday - Monday, 4 - 6 October:

Open level Classes ($tbc)
10am - 3pm, Tuesday - Wednesday, 7 - 8 October:

Professional level Classes ($tbc)
3:20 - 5:20pm, Saturday 4 October:

Arabic Percussion Workshop
The evening workshop, presented for the first time in the ACT and Australia, will include skilled demonstrations by Suraya and other Australian professional Hilal dancers to live percussion and will be followed by informal networking with light refreshments in the foyer. This workshop is designed to broaden awareness of Hilal Dance as a practice complimentary to other dance forms.
Hilal Dance is an organic, breath based body training system that promotes integration, postural awareness, release of tension, flexibility and strength. Its fluidity and musicality extends the body’s range of expression. Hilal movement concepts give practitioners a powerful tool that complements any other dance form.

2. Saturday 4th October - Monday 6th October (10am - 3pm): OPEN GENERAL HILAL WORKSHOP (cost dependant on enrolment option).
This community workshop, open to all levels from beginners to advanced, has a 4 year history at the BAC. Theme for 2014: Ecstatic Dance, Sufi and Zar. Suraya Hilal will draw inspiration from the people’s dances of Egyptian Moulid, the annual folk festivals that commemorate beloved Saints and Prophets, where the strong evocative rhythms promote a new experience of strength, freedom and enjoyment of dancing.

3. Tuesday 5th - Wednesday 6th October (10am - 3pm): PROFESSIONAL HILAL WORKSHOP (cost dependant on enrolment option).
A master class of intensive training for Australian dancers who currently teach and perform Hilal Dance, lifting the level of this form in ACT by extending their professional skills. This workshop continues a 4 year history at the BAC.

Download artist's CV > click here

Information & enrolments > rachael@hilaldanceaustralia.com.au or 0418 226 540

Hilal Egyptian Dance

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Creative kids are invited to join our new range of arts, dance and music classes in 2014!

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