Dance on the Edge 2017


Celebrate Ausdance ACT Dance Week 2017 with our own professional Dance Artists – and experience their constantly imaginative and inspiring dance practice. Be ready for the captivating, the compelling and the courageous! These dudes can dazzle!

The ACT is home to a diverse, creative and passionate dance community, and while small in number, they are big in their vision and practice. Many of them work locally, nationally and internationally – and we warmly welcome them to BAC for this event to share their latest and greatest with us.

Artists performing this year include The Australian Dance Party (Alison Plevey, Holly Diggle and Olivia Fyfe) in TWO, Debora di Centa in NaturaI, Eliza Sanders in Let Resting Dogs Tell Fibs, Emma Strapps, Shiara Astle, Rocio Escobar Gutiérrez and Adam Broinowski in Flight/less, Paul Jesseph Base Hickman and Kathleen Lott in ism and Flight Year performing in anxious depressed obsessed.

There will be free Q&A sessions after the 8pm Saturday performance and 2pm Sunday performance, to provide audience members the opportunity to meet the dancers and gain further insight into their works.

WHERE > Belconnen Arts Centre, Dance Studio

WHEN> 4.00pm & 8.00pm Saturday 29 April & 2.00pm Sunday 30 April

COST > $25, $18 concession Friends discount available


> 29 April 4pm BOOK HERE

> 29 April 8pm BOOK HERE

> 30 April 2pm BOOK HERE

NB: Early booking strongly recommended as seating is strictly limited.


Australian Dance Party > TWO

TWO explores the contrasting perspectives of these thirty-ish women living in 2017. The Australian Dance Party identify the importance of choice at this time in life. The work aims to reveal the challenges and privileges as well as the physiological realities encountered as young-ish women living in this constantly changing contemporary world.


Flight Year > anxious depressed obsessed

anxious depressed obsessed is a three-piece work about being mentally ill. Each piece follows the trajectory of the illness, as personally experienced by one or both of the performers. The work aims to provoke thought and create awareness of mental health issues.


Deborah di Centa > Natural

Natural is a choreography inspired by a series of dance explorations,  improvisation, natural movement practice and mindful walks in the Australian woods. Human movement is strongly related to Nature and it has many affinities with animals and plants movement. The results of our relationships to the environment that surrounds us creates our movement patterns and influences our body structure and behaviour.

In my role as a performer I aim to offer glimpses of the natural and powerful experience of life in Nature through dance. Kinaesthetic memories, improvisation and specific choreographic choices are the elements that compose my work. I choose to spend most of my time in Nature and I enjoy my special connections to it.


Paul Jesseph Base Hickman and Kathleen Lott > ism

The act, practice, or process of doing something and behaviour of a specified kind of person or thing. It is defined as belief, attitude or style that is referred to by a word. This is a full-length contemporary dance duo. ism’s concept and inspiration is from the ‘Mona-ism’ gallery exhibition in Hobart Tasmania Australia. This piece was originally performed as a solo work and was recently performed in Cebu City Philippines in January 2017 and part of Dancehouse Melbourne Fringe Festival September 2016  season.


Eliza Saunders > Let Resting Dogs Tell Fibs

I will move my body in conjunction with abstract sounds and stream of consciousness poetry that I will speak myself. It will be a continuation of my work in combining of absurdist theatre, contemporary dance and cabaret forms that I have been exploring in my works ‘Pedal’ and ‘Castles’. Feel free to check out footage, images in info on these works at


Emma Strapps, choreographer and performer > Shiara Astle and Rocio Escobar Gutiérrez, performers > Adam Broinowski, outside eyeFlight/less

Flight/less was inspired by images and thoughts on the destabilisation crisis currently occurring across the world. Imagining the effort it is just to create a sense of normality on a daily basis in an ever changing and sometimes dangerous situation, the symbol of a net came to mind. That is, a sense of being caught in a net and yet the net as protector; having a safety net or having no safety net and how this impacts on one’s ability to move freely.

Flight/less moves fluidly between memory, circumstance and varying degrees of freedom to expose the bodily experience of having and losing and perhaps rediscovering one’s sense of normal.