CAPO Curatorial Internship Award

> Main Gallery

Opening NightFriday 2 June, 5:30pm

CAPO continues the successful Emerging Artists’ Prize exhibition presenting the Curatorial Internship Award to Art History and Curatorship graduates Clare Fealy and Emily Stewart at the 2016 ANU School of Arts Graduation Show. Clare and Emily will curate this exhibition from scratch. 

The 2017 CAPO Emerging Artists Prize is an exciting opportunity to showcase the work of emerging artists, through the celebration of their technical processes and artistic practice. First and foremost, the CAPO Emerging Artists Prize is a platform to show a diverse group of emerging artists based in Canberra. It provides these artists with the opportunity to be exhibited early in their careers, and establish themselves within the wider Canberra community. Whilst celebrating the work of emerging artists, this exhibition also aims to emphasise how these works of art were created; inviting visitors to think about the technical processes involved in an artwork and how these may have potentially challenged conventional artistic practices. Produced by recent gradates from the Australian National University and the University of Canberra, the works in this exhibition are the result of years of training at these institutions, as well as the creative and experimental processes that this environment fostered. The artists have come from diverse artistic backgrounds – painting, graphic design, video, glass, photography and ceramics – and have been selected as a representation of how emerging artists have adopted technical artistic processes but also adapted these to create exciting and unique works of art. This exhibition is curated by Clare Fealy and Emily Stewart, recent graduates of the Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship program at the Australian National University, as part of the CAPO Curatorial Internship Award.

Exhibition Live > Sunday 4 June 2:00pm, Curators, Clare and Emily in conversation about their practice.