Meredith Hughes and Naomi Zouwer

Showing > 21 October – 12 November in the Arts Lounge

Exhibition Opening > 5.30pm, Friday 20 October all welcome

From cutting and reconfiguring, unexpected relations come into play. Fluidity emerges and endlessness transpires with possibility. And as compelling, are the spaces that remain. The re-contextualising function of the cut-out reveals the materiality of the in-between. In this exhibition Naomi Zouwer and Meredith Hughes use textile installation and painted objects to investigate the cut-out. Cut-out draws upon the lineage of the artistic cut-out from artists such as Matisse and Sally Smart and from traditional and contemporary quilting practices.

Exhibition Live >

Date and Time TBC > Drop in and cut-out.

Drop in and join professional artists Naomi Zouwer and Meredith Hughes to explore the cut out. Using methods inspired by Naomi and Meredith’s own unique approaches to the cut-out, traditional and contemporary quilting practices and artists such as Sally Smart, Matisse and Kara Walker, participants will experiment and innovate by dismantling and re-configuring materials. All ages welcome.