Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award

Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award Recipients

Showing > 29 July – 20 August

Exhibition Opening > 5.30pm, Friday 28 July

Main Gallery

Body Tracing and the Soft Gaze

Rose-Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton

These artists seek to map and record the surface, form, gesture, imprint and void of the body through the material qualities of glass.  Presenting the body from a subjective line of sight of her own form, Rose-Mary investigates ways to observe and experience the female figure, expressed visually through soft dappled imagery and subtle colour evocative of feeling and sensation. Catherine investigates the phenomenology of glass and how this medium can embody a sense of maternal love and intimacy through the act of hugging glass.

Foyer Gallery

This Way II

Heidi Strachan

The German artist Wolfgang Laib said  “..The essence of all your experience is coming into an artwork, it is as simple as that, but also as complicated as that..”

The tactile qualities of beeswax, clay and other natural materials give me access to a language that transcends form and hue. Upon this sensual narrative I use gestural and intuitive mark-making to express my personal responses and reactions to my environment.

Arts Lounge


Martin Rowney

Biographies is an exploration of the lives of individuals who have made a quiet contribution to contemporary culture.   These works explore personal stories through historical objects left behind as a result of individual cultural pursuits—art, architecture and music. The use of found and historical objects has its genesis in Martin’s professional practice as an archaeologist and continues his investigation of personal and individual histories through archaeological objects. 

Outdoor Gallery

Disencumbered #2

Keith Bender

Keith Bender is an emerging sculptor based in the Canberra region who explores his passion for the environment through assembled, constructed and cast forms.

Disencumbered #2 is an assembled and constructed work combining Bender’s fascination with Abstraction and connection with the environment. He combines simplified organic forms extrapolated from nature and assembled employing a formula and random selection. Bender is inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s philosophy, “energy and space around a material are as important as the energy and space within”.


Exhibition Live >

Artists in Conversation 2pm, Saturday 29 July

Join in conversation with the artists, sharing their thoughts, ideas and their creative practice journey.