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> Foyer

Opening Night > Friday 2 June 5:30pm

This exhibition would bring together a unique group of works by people attending Hughes house, the largest respite centre for disabled adults in Canberra run by The Disability Trust. The group belong to our Thursday “Art Room” program, and have turned the once sterile and institutional walls into a vibrant gallery full of free flowing gesture and uninhibited palette. The artists have rapidly grown in confidence, and what started as an enjoyable social experience for some has now become a serious focus and a high light of their week. We do not prescribe a course designed to tutor people in technique, rather we provide encouragement and enthusiasm for those seeking their own intuitive form of visual communication.

We value collaboration, some canvases worked on by many, and yet the distinctive characteristic of each artist shines through eventually as they pin their identity to the finished work. The dining area is transformed each Thursday with up to 20 participants immersed in the creative act, on bench tops and easels, a sandwich board pulled up to a couch or propped against a stool. Social role valorization has shaped many approaches to disability support in recent years, but never have I witnessed a more compelling out come than the pride fostered in those making incredible artwork.