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By , 6 March, 2017


The Ray White Belconnen People’s Choice Award Winner, for College Express 8 is – Solomon Grainger!

Congratulations to Solomon Grainger, the winner of the College Express 8 Ray White Belconnen People’s Choice Award! Solomon’s work certainly captured all of our imaginations. Thank you to all who voted in the award and especially to our supportive and encouraging sponsors Ray White Belconnen. The Ray White Belconnen Sponsorship allows Belconnen Arts Centre to offer professional prizes in the annual College Express show, school holiday workshops as well as other projects through the year. We look forward to Solomon’s next creative adventure, which involves some travel and possibly another local show in the workings. Stay tuned! 

Solomon is pictured above with Monika McInerney (our Creative Programs Director), Sam Faulks (Director at Ray White Belconnen) and Daniel Ballantyne (Belconnen Arts Centre CEO). 

BMA magazine recently interviewed Solomon as part of the College Express show, a snippet of the article is below…

Who is Solomon Grainger…

What do you do?

I make paintings and drawings, typically abstract. I also explore and take a lot of photos as well.

When, how and why did you get into it?

Since I could hold a pen as a baby, I’ve been drawing, but I have been selling my work for a few years now, although the style has evolved a lot.

Both my parents have always encouraged me to create. I have forever been inspired by Mum who is a painter as well. I think it’s very instinctual to want to make art. I don’t know if there is one true reason for getting into it; I have always felt that instinct to create, so that’s a theme which I explore a lot in my work.

Who/what influences you as an artist?

I am really influenced by the natural world around me: trees, rivers, humans, animals and the common thread that connects us all. My biggest turning point as an artist was rediscovering my first drawings from around the ages of three to four. It made me want to explore human instincts to create, whether from a small child drawing on the walls of their home, or a caveman writing on the walls of their cave. We’ve all got that inside us.

Of what are you proudest so far?

I am most proud of my recent series called ‘Dragons’. They bring me a real sense of completeness, and each new canvas I paint excites me.

What are your plans for the future?

Travelling as much as possible. I’m going to be a bit of a nomad for a while to work on my art and be inspired.

What makes you laugh?

Those conversations that just get lost on a tangent. Particularly late at night on some couch at a random house party.

The rest of the interview can be seen here. As well as interviews with Barry Wang and Rainer Thompson 2 more talented College Express 8 Artists.