Mono and More: an exhibition of “us”

By , 17 May, 2017

Guest post by Anh Le (Volunteering Marketing Assistant).

Mono and More is a group exhibition that is currently showing at Belconnen Arts Centre, featuring the works of 3 artists: Ilona Lasmanis, Robyn McAdam and Steve Tomlin. The three artists have been working together since 2009 and have collaborated on a number of exhibition, most notably Hard Pressed and Hard Pressed 2 at Megalo Print Studio at Gallery, Kingston, in 2013 and 2015.

Mono and More, their third exhibition, is a harmonious combination of distinctive approach and techniques performed by each artist, presenting a wonderful world of monoprints, monotypes and other medium on paper. The artists, playing with the passage of time embroidered with family traditions, history, places, travel and life experiences, have made a departure from editioned printmaking to explore opportunities for experimentation and to respond spontaneously to the unexpected.


The artists

Ilona Lasmanis

“I am attracted to the process of mixed media as a technique because of the promise of endless possibilities. That is also the reason I like to work with simple printmaking technique; they offer versatility. Combining the two allows me to utilize layers to build images; I use layers much like a Haiku poem, not all is evident at first.”

Ilona’s works in Mono and More consist of two figurative elements: the gardener and the garden. She focused on the idea of “what lies beneath” and used their fascinating shapes of colours as the springboard to invent her own “critters”. The embroidery made of satin threads and rich colours creates a jewel-like quality to the images that could not have been achieved in any other way.

Robyn McAdam

The time spent on the Venice lagoon traversing the island, watching the change of lights and colours across the day and across the seasons have become an inspiration for Robyn McAdam’s works. They are also reflections of her experience on history, literature and food while travelling and bring up a narrative connotation for the series.

Steve Tomlin

Steve Tomlin is a Canberra-based printmaker producing most of his print work at the Megalo Print Studio in Kingston.

Born with English origin but living in Australia, Steve’s work has always carried a sense of alienation and displacement. In his earlier work, he drew an inspiration from the utopic dreamland of the English seaside resort. Recently, he has turned his attention towards Australian landscape – its beaches, forests and lakes. With a direction towards a layered and more painterly approach in order to achieve a more expressive abstracted silkscreen work, he successfully demonstrated his appreciation towards Australian landscape, combined with a sense of awe and alienation and occasional references back to his English seaside origin.


The exhibition is open at Belconnen Arts Centre’ Foyer gallery from 6 May to 28 May 2017. There are some wonderful opportunities to meet the artists who will be sitting with the exhibition:

20 May: 11am – 3pm     Robyn McAdam

21 May: 11am – 3pm      Robyn McAdam

27 May: 1pm – 4pm       Ilona Lasmanis

28 May: 11am – 4pm      Steve Tomlin


Belconnen Arts Centre

118 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday > 10:00am – 4:00pm