Gunhi Dhaagun, by Duncan Smith, Open 3 June > 25 June 2017

By , 8 June, 2017

Duncan Smith is a Wiradjuri artist based in Canberra. His works are popular for their traditional and contemporary styles. This unique aesthetic infusion has won him the 2003 NAIDOC Artist of the Year award. His work is featured in Parliament House and internationally in many private collections. Duncan is also a professional performer and he is the manager of the dance group Wiradjuri Echoes. He and the Wiradjuri Echoes have performed for a wide diversity of audiences from pre-schools to Prime Ministers and Royals.

Duncan’s current exhibition, Gunhi Dhaagun, is another stunning presentation of his artistic style and flawless technique. This body of work is based on using ochre in patterns from his tribes scar trees. These are all free hand-drawn.

This exhibition is about using my country the Wiradjuri country to paint with, it was very special to go back home to my mob’s country to gather this sacred ochre, to grind the ochre and then to be able to interact with my country through creating these diverse paintings of the Wiradjuri tribe. My belief is that the ancestors are always guiding us through the art and the guidance of the ancestor to use my country to tell the story about Wiradjuri sacred scare trees and the significant grounds, rivers, ceremonial grounds and boundaries of countries that the scare trees used to mark. I feel a deep and spiritual connection to my country, ancestors, and my people sacred scare trees. My hope is that all Australians will feel that deep connection to this beautiful land.” – Duncan Smith 

Free Public Programs

Meet the Artist > Saturday 10th June 12:00 pm

Duncan is a compelling and generous speaker, please join him in conversation about the works in his exhibition.