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By , 9 July, 2017

Naomi Zouwer has been achieving great things at BAC already this year and is an established painter, illustrator and teacher in art and design in her own right. In term 3 we are delighted to have Naomi teaching Daytime Art Workshops and a completely new class In Studio with Naomi Zouwer“. Here’s just a peek at what Naomi is all about…

‘As a kid I was a big drawer. Drawing was my thing, my happy place. It still is. I drew the same subject over and over again. Hairy cave men, girls with big eyes, green cats at school or driving sports cars. No idea what I was thinking! If I wasn’t illustrating I’d get into animation. My best job ever was painting cartoon backgrounds. I loved it! I can’t imagine doing a job that wasn’t creative. I make things all the time, whether for a book, an exhibition, or my kids’ school fundraiser…”

‘I work in the sun if I can. I also need to be alone to concentrate. I have two gorgeous kids … as soon as they see me working they want to paint too. With enthusiastic, arty kids and no artist’s studio, there is paint all over our house. Nothing is spared.

‘I feel like I’m still experimenting with styles and haven’t found one that fits perfectly. My ideal book would feature eclectic styles, watercolour, digital techniques, collage, and probably have a kitsch element too. I love bright colours and clashing patterns! I want to create books for people of all ages who just love beautiful books.

‘When Ellis Rowan’s Flower Fairy World came out I was so excited! The fairies and elves I drew are all little people I know, including my daughter. I would love to illustrate my family history—my mother’s family came from Finland in the 1950s. There are some magical images in their amazing story, like Christmas trees with real candles and serious-looking Laplanders standing against birch trees.’

Naomi’s painting and textiles practice explores the social role and value of objects. She is inspired by still life painting traditions, in particular the 17th century Dutch sub-genres pronkstilleven and vanitas painting; and knowledge systems such as taxonomies, encyclopedias and collections.

“I am interested in locating the role of narrative in constructing/re-constructing and animating/re-animating the ‘lives’ of these objects. My methods have included developing a blog (image above from Naomi’s Blog) to allow the depiction, description and varying categorisation of objects from my family ‘archive’; and exploring an oscillation between 2D and 3D space in small painted soft sculpture, textile installation and paper objects.”

Details on Naomi’s Upcoming Term 3 classes can be seen here:

In Studio With Naomi Zouwer

Daytime Art with Naomi Zouwer

(*A section of this article was taken from a bio featuring Naomi on the publication of Ellis Rowan’s Flower Fairy World for which Naomi did the illustrations. The full article can be read here… )