Traits by Georgia Rae Byrne-Jameson, Open 1 July – 23 July 2017

By , 21 July, 2017

In this series of photographs, Traits explores ‘we’ as individuals and how we become so. How we unknowingly mould ourselves into who we are. We are the subject of our surroundings and yet completely individual.

Protection by Georgia-Rae Byrne-Jameson

Traits represents what we all experience throughout our lives and what is inevitably ever changing. You could say the theme can be described as consistent inconsistence, how we are learning and relearning the same different things. My exhibition is for everyone, no matter whom, it is completely relatable. In terms of my inspiration, it stems from the most important part of my life, my partner. The one whom I’ve learnt and experienced more than I could’ve ever expected. We have become one in the same but also see the world in completely different lights. We move like clockwork displaying the wrong time and it is so entrancing.

Every photograph has a story and a different kind of love and pain and life. It is in the darkest of places where the most beautiful of diamonds emerge. A woman as strong and as self-sustaining as an Island will teach her little one to be the same but experience strength and independence in a brand-new world.

That of love lost will gain the Patience to stand up and explore again. Breaking Boundaries together and painting a Canvas of the perfect moments in an otherwise imperfect existence. Using the Protection of our words and actions for those who are the closest to us.

Previous experience with photographing the pureness of human beings has taught me not to direct a structured photo, rather give nothing but vague guidance and watch the beauty of perfect little moments of realness. You can feel the mood of each photograph and they trigger a moment of hardship surrounding your own treasures.

Traits – perfectly imperfect individuality.