Disencumbered #2 by Keith Bender (EASS Award)

By , 14 August, 2017

Disencumbered #2 is an assembled and constructed work combining Keith Bender’s fascination with Abstraction and connection with the environment. Bender combines simplified organic forms extrapolated from nature and assembled employing a formula and random selection.

This large scale work is the result of an investigation into the negative and interactive space between and within a series of unwinding forms. Bender constructed seven Marquettes from mild steel, with patination applied to one end, a metaphor for the process of shedding that occurs in nature or our lives through a process of renewal. Old cells, habits and thoughts are discarded as our bodily energy and focus is redirected. Shadows cast by the works give the works an ephemeral quality. Although essentially a playful work.

Disencumbered #2 by Keith Bender


Bender’s upscaled work, Disencumbered #2, conveys the transitions apparent in nature and of the self. Bender is inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s philosophy, “energy and space around a material are as important as the energy and space within”.

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