This Way II by Heidi Strachan (EASS Award)

By , 14 August, 2017

SHOWING > 29 July – 20 August > Foyer Gallery

The drive to my studio via Coppins Crossing Road has become a source of inspiration and has provided the visual imagery that has led to this body of work. Human and natural phenomena within the landscape provide the cues, colours and forms with which to express my feelings and reactions. The drive is meditative and peaceful, both a metaphor and part of the journey in my art process. Each trip I discover something new in the landscape, whether it be a fence line, a dirt track, or a splash of red in the distance.

Dawn Crow by Heidi Strachan

Beeswax and clay are incredibly tactile and sensitive materials, which I am able to layer and strip back continuously, thus giving the work a chance to inform me of decisions to make. I use other materials such as oxides, charcoal, graphite and dirt to give me the colour and texture I am looking for.

I embrace the cathartic nature of the making process and explore the ambiguities that can arise when everyday objects are re-contextualised. I also tend to work in an immediate and intuitive way, using mark-making as a tool with which express sensations and reactions, much like a diary, and I feel compelled to respond to the things that inspire me, whether it be the tar on the road or the shape of a hill. Ultimately, I look to provoke a sense of familiarity from the viewer with the use of familiar everyday images that are so often taken for granted.

Heidi Strachan is an artist who is based in the Canberra region.  Heidi works predominately with clay, however, has recently adopted the material of beeswax attempting to create a working relationship between the two.

This Way by Heidi Strachan

Memory and spontaneity are used to create artworks that reference Heidi’s daily experience within the human and natural landscapes, as well as developing her interest in traditional Korean pottery and the love of working on the potters’ wheel.

Heidi received a First Class Honours Degree in Visual Arts (2000) and has more recently completed a Masters of Visual Art (2016), both obtained at the Australian National University. Heidi has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been in various publications, as well as undertaking cultural exchanges in both Japan and South Korea.