BAC Stage 2: Share the Journey

The Journey So Far…

The story of Belconnen Arts Centre stretches back more than 20 years, to when a visionary community sought and secured land for a cultural centre on the spectacular banks of Lake Ginninderra, ensuring Belconnen Town Centre would have a creative community hub for generations to come. Stage 1 of an architecturally stunning Belconnen Arts Centre opened to the public in late 2009. In 2012, the ACT Government funded Stage 2 plans and a development application. During the 2016 ACT election, all three major political parties and all candidates for the seat of Ginninderra expressed support for completing Stage 2 of Belconnen Arts Centre, and on 15 May 2017, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr committed $15 million to the construction project. 

What’s Next?

This page is designed to be a one-stop-shop of up to date information that you may need to know, and we’ll update it whenever we find out new details. We have fantastic relationships with so many different people, and we want to make sure everyone is clear which creative programs will be in operation during the transition, and in what form, and be as transparent as we can be about which spaces and facilities will be impacted. BAC’s design and construction timeline are subject to change; construction is expected to be completed by late 2019, however, this could be affected by weather and other factors. During construction, BAC plans to adapt and develop aspects of its creative program both on and off-site. The completed Belconnen Arts Centre is intended to do everything we can do now, but better and more!


  • There is limited parking available on-site at BAC, with 4 accessible public parking spaces reserved for Australian disability parking permit holders only.
  • Westfield Belconnen offers 2 hours free parking during the day and unlimited free parking after 6:00pm, and is a 3–5 minute walk to BAC.
  • There is a Wilson paid parking area (free after 5:30pm and on weekends) across the road from BAC, behind Nature Conservation House.
  • There is paid street parking (free after 5:30pm) along Emu Bank.
  • All paths from these parking areas have ramps and clearly marked pedestrian or traffic-lighted crossings.

  • It is likely workshops will continue to run unaffected throughout most of Stage 2 construction works.

  • BAC is continuing to present exhibitions whilst its exhibition spaces are still available.
  • During 2019 and until we launch the completed Arts Centre, we will also be partnering to present exhibitions around Canberra.
  • The completed Arts Centre will have a new gallery space, and the current Foyer Gallery and Main Gallery will be retained and improved.

Hiring: Foyer Gallery
  • The Foyer Gallery is will be intermittently available for hire during 2018 – please contact us with any enquiries.
  • Impacts on the Foyer Gallery during construction are hard to predict at this time, but it will be a light-filled gallery space with additional moveable walls and lighting, connections directly into our other gallery spaces and to the café.

Hiring: Meeting Room
  • It is likely the Meeting Room will remain unaffected and available for hire throughout most of Stage 2 construction works.

Hiring: Dance Studio
  • It is likely the Dance Studio will remain unaffected and available for hire throughout most of Stage 2 construction works.

Hiring: Creative Studios
  • The Creative Studios will not be significantly modified.
  • Additional resident spaces will be added, including a performing arts resident office and rehearsal room.
  • Access to the Creative Studios will be created via the existing Outdoor Gallery.
  • Likely short-term impacts include noise and disruption to electrical supply and amenities.

Dance for Wellbeing
  • We aim to continue this program on-site at Belconnen Arts Centre & Tuggeranong Arts Centre, with potential rescheduling and relocation.

IGNITE: Alternative Arts Academy
  • We aim to continue offering IGNITE activities in our workshop and dance studios, however, there may be periods where this is not achievable, and activities may be rescheduled or relocated.
  • We will expand our outreach activities to other centres and partner organisations.

Cafe & Catering
  • The completed Arts Centre will have a new café that connects with both the Foyer Gallery and Studio Theatre foyer, as well as the lakeside.
  • There will be improved catering facilities available on-site.

Staff & Volunteers
  • Our top priority is to keep our team of staff, volunteers and tutors together, to provide continuity to our key programs.
  • Staff and volunteers will continue to work on-site at BAC, possibly in a temporarily relocated administration area.