Baskets, Naturally

Baskets, Naturally with Janet Meaney

Baskets, Naturally
With Janet Meaney

Wednesday 10am-12:30pm

23 October – 27 November 2019

Tuesday 6-8:30pm

29 October – 3 December 2019

This workshop introduces participants to two basket making processes in depth. The first, coiled basketry, wraps and stitches a bundle of core material into a spiral to form a vessel. The second process, twining, combines two sets of elements; a series of stakes with rows of weaving in a softer material.

About Janet Meaney

Janet Meaney

Janet Meaney is a performance artist with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Sculpture), and objects play a key role in her performances. Research has continued to inform her work, seeing her gain a Graduate Diploma in Art History/Curatorship from ANU and a PhD in Performance Art. Supported by numerous grants, scholarships and residencies, Janet has travelled, lived and exhibited widely throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, building a succession of multi-layered responses to her experiences of different cultures and states of being.


Week 1
Introduction to basket making
Learning the steps to making a basket. Making a bundle out of cordyline; creating a centre; stitching the coil with spiral stitch; adding in. These steps will allow you to continue working during the week leading up to and during the next session at your own pace. Notes and diagrams of this process will be provided.

Week 2
Spiral coiling and shaping
Discussion of other stitches and approaches that produce a different look. Introduction to blanket stitch for those wanting to extend their options. Encouragement of research into the work of other basket makers and their methodology.

Week 3
Stitch variations
Experiment with some stitch variations and try some alternative materials.

Week 4
Look at finishing techniques and discuss and plan the addition of handles.

Week 5
Getting started with twining
Set up your stakes and begin twining a small basket.

Week 6
Twining and string making
Finishing your basket with string handles. Where to from here? Perhaps marketing and exhibiting!



All materials will be provided.

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Image in header: work by Janet Meaney.