Between Science and Art

Between Science and Art with Dr Susanne Ilschner

Studio Masterclass >
Between Science and Art with Dr Susanne Ilschner

Saturday 10 November > 1:00pm – 5:00pm


Dr Susanne Ilschner – artist and neuroscientist – invites artists, working in any domain, and therapists to a symposium-style gathering in her studio that will focus on the interaction between life sciences and art, knowledge and emotion. It is not about science supplying pretty pictures to artists, but it is about what we can achieve with art, using and complementing science on a number of levels. Working in a hospital science lab, Susanne has been researching processes involved in vision; this is a very unique experience, as it is possible to see “seeing”. The interaction between maths, science and visual patterns is evident in basic research and optical illusions, as well as in Islamic decorative art and op art. We respond to more and more intricate images in complex, but specific, ways and our perceptions influence body and soul.

The day will begin with an exploration of aspects of sensory physiology, go on to movement perception and execution when drawing with pencil or crayon, and the interaction between visual phenomena and the functioning of the body as a whole. By opening ourselves to ways of interpreting the relationship between mind and body, we will try to journey through our responses to pain, disease and healing, and translate these experiences and emotions visually. We will be referring to several types of representation, including words, lines, light and shadow, colours as signals, medical data representation and imaging techniques. In the process, we will make a visual diary tracking the progression of ideas and their manifestations, and regard artworks of René Magritte, Dick Murrumurru, John Franzen and Frida Kahlo. Many emotional, cultural, social and political implications might be uncovered.

Artists are invited to bring along previous works to share, with the aim of promoting discussions about the relationship between science and art, and its communicative and therapeutic potential. Join Susanne Ilschner in generating fresh ideas, new connections, exciting artworks and perhaps future collaborative projects.

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Dr Susanne Ilschner’s studio is located at a private residence in O’Connor, which has on-street parking. All materials, tea and coffee will be provided.

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Includes materials, tea and coffee.

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Places are strictly limited – maximum 8 people.

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Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.