Connection to Nature

Connection to Nature: Creating Tools and Materials

Connection to Nature: Creating Tools and Materials
with Mariana del Castillo

Wednesdays > 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Term 4 | 31 October – 5 December

This six-week workshop provides an opportunity to create your own brushes, rollers, quills, charcoal, inks and pigments from natural materials that can be harvested sustainably from your local environment. The workshop will provide all materials necessary to embark on this creative journey. However, you will be encouraged to consider and explore the natural world around you, seeking out potential materials for your collection of tools and pigments.

Participants will make art materials that have been used for thousands of years by human beings to express themselves creatively. The workshop will seek to engage with this history of mark making. The emphasis of the workshop will be on enjoying the process through exploration and play, and seeking out the limitless opportunities of these new tools and materials.

About Mariana del Castillo >

Mariana del Castillo has been a professional practising artist for the last thirty years. Her work centres around salvaging and reusing with natural and urban detritus. Over her career, she has created a unique visual language that has allowed her to explore her rich cultural heritage creating unusual objects and tableaus.

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31 Oct & 7 Nov:Using ground stones, shells, fruits and vegetables, rusted metal, native and exotic reeds and grasses and plant fibres to create inks, pigments, charcoals, brushes, rollers and quills.


14 Nov:Explore the potential of the tools and materials you have created seeking out your own unique language of mark making on a variety of papers.


21 Nov:Continue to explore the potential of the tools and materials, developing skills and creating more elaborate artworks focusing on composition and natural colours.


28 Nov:Participants will create their own handmade linen tool swag to house their collection of bespoke tools.


5 Dec:Finalise projects and portfolios.

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Friends of BAC cardholders receive a 10% discount.
All materials will be provided.

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