Cut and Paste Unleashed

Cut and Paste Unleashed with Tess Horwitz

Cut and Paste Unleashed
With Tess Horwitz

Thursday 6-8:30pm

15 August – 19 September 2019

Collage is a wonderful way to learn the basic art principles of composition, placement, negative and positive shape, tone, colour and contrast. In this workshop, the aim is to encourage experimentation with a wide variety of materials and with different processes of collage. The outcomes will vary greatly, from swiftly made two-dimensional collaged ‘sketches’ of still life, to a large wall-sized collaborative collaged drawing, to a three-dimensional work made in a diorama box. Participants do not need any prior experience in art making and every age group is warmly welcomed.

About Tess Horwitz

Tess Horwitz

Tess Horwitz is an experienced visual artist who has had exhibitions of paintings, drawings, multimedia installations and has worked in public art as a sculptor, most notably for the ACT Bushfire Memorial and the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre. She has taught art theory and visual art practice in tertiary institutions for thirty years, most recently working at the ANU School of Art & Design as a drawing teacher. Currently, Tess is an educator at the National Gallery of Australia, working in a wide variety of programs. Tess has won visual arts grants, done large-scale projects with communities, and has been a judge for the Visual Arts and Crafts Board and for the Moet and Chandon Prize. She is passionate about making and teaching art.


Week 1 (15 August)
We’ll create three abstract sculptural shapes from cut-out coloured papers and thin strips of black paper, then place these in a box diorama to create a surreal landscape.

Week 2 (22 August)
What is composition and how is this used in a collage or painting? Using this knowledge, we will make a collage building on compositional principles. Artist discussed: Dexter Dalwood.

Week 3 (29 August)
Each participant will be given four sets of photocopied images which they cut out and assemble into four quite disparate images with varying placement.

Week 4 (5 September)
Using black paper and scissors, we will trace each other and natural objects, cut them out, then layer them and place them to create a mysterious image. The paper can be folded in half before tracing and cutting to create mirror images, like Rorschach ink blots. A collaborative wall collage will be made first before we each settle on our own smaller arrangements.

Week 5 (12 September)
Each participant will get a concertinaed paper ‘book’ to work on. Using photographs, magazines, cut-out newspaper texts and objects with interesting shapes that we have each brought in, we will cut out to create negative and positive shapes, make tracings and simple stencils to repeat and create layers until the ‘book’ is readable as a progressive ‘tale’.

Week 6 (19 September)
Each participant will have done a drawing of one of their dreams at home. They will each butt their paper up against the other class member’s papers on the wall and start to make simple stencils from their dream drawing and repetitively use these stencils on the whole long series of sheets of paper. We’ll work together but without being protective of our own drawings. Layering is encouraged, a different scale of images is encouraged. This is experimental!



What to bring

Most materials will be provided. Any extra materials requested to be brought in by participants will be easily accessible from recycled newspapers and magazines.


Please note, enrolment closes one week prior to the first workshop.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.