Flexibility Stretching

Flexibility Stretching

Flexibility Stretching

Flexibility Stretching

Monday > 5:20 – 6:20pm
Wednesday > 12:30 – 1:30pm

Term 1 | 4 February – 1 May

Flexibility Stretching helps you achieve fundamental reductions in chronic muscle tightness. This improves everyday comfort within your body and fundamentally reduces your baseline stress level. Working progressively around the body we deliberately contract and then relax each of the major muscle groups. It’s like yoga, but really quite different; the stretches are accessible for the those who are stiff as a board and the hyper-flexible alike. David Heap will help you work around any soreness or injury, with loads of variations that get to the major areas. No minimum level of flexibility or fitness is too low.

You will always be in control and be able to regulate the postures to suit how you are feeling on the day. The stretching occurs as your muscle is relaxing, and is super safe. The atmosphere of the classes is really supportive; there’s no ego and no competitiveness. Classes are accessible for all shapes and sizes, and the practices are particularly beneficial for those with arms sore from computer work, sore lower back, stiff neck and/or chronically tight legs.

Flexibility Stretching classes have helped hundreds of Canberrans since 2009, with eight weekly sessions in multiple locations across Canberra and the surrounding area. Make-ups and bonus classes can be done at any of David’s sessions, including Woden, Civic and/or Murrumbateman.

“Still can’t believe that only one class a week provides so much benefit. Thanks David!”

“My lower back pain from my desk job has greatly reduced. When I do get pain, I now know how to stretch it out.”

“Thanks for helping me find the ‘happy dad’ inside me.”

“I really like your style of teaching. I appreciate that you take the time to correct people’s poses and give positive feedback. This adds to the class and one of the reasons why I will come back. Thank you.”

Flexibility Stretching

Cost and Enrolment >

$160 | Intro special, 12 sessions
$180 | Returning student, 12 sessions

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Enrolments essential; 1% booking fee applies.

More info >

Visit stretching.net.au, email David at davidjheap@gmail.com or call 0437 135 474.