Illuminated Sculptures

Studio Masterclass | Illuminated Sculptures with Michelle Day

Studio Masterclass: Illuminated Sculptures
With Michelle Day

Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm

28 and 29 September 2019
ANCA, Dickson


“Michelle Day’s illuminated sculptures are dream-like forms that appear simultaneously abstract, organic, translucent and delicately waxy. Strongly influenced by the evolution and application of science, technology and organic forms in nature, the sculptor aims for her work to have both a comforting and disconcerting effect on the viewer. Each work possesses a sense of humour, mystery and whimsy. Many of Day’s works exist as both art installations and as functional interior objects. Her works facilitate light to create a sense of warmth and ambience for the owner.”
Emily Cones-Browne, Art/Edit Magazine

Michelle uses light and illumination as a key material throughout her art practice and sees it as a representation of warmth, hope and life. Join Michelle in her studio to create your own delicate and enigmatic light sculpture. Over the two day workshop, Michelle will share her methods for creating small illuminated sculptures from translucent materials such as fabric, paper and silicone. You will have the option to build your light sculpture from wire or dowel armatures, which will be clad with translucent materials such as paper and fabric, or you can create your illuminated sculpture from translucent silicone which, once cured, appears delicate and waxy and holds its own structure. To create your light sculpture, you will receive a battery powered light source, which will be housed within your sculpture and will illuminate the form from within. Over the workshop, Michelle will share her experience and observations from working with light and you will gain a greater knowledge and sensitivity to the variations in light and shadow to apply to your future light projects.

About Michelle Day

Michelle Day

Michelle Day is an Australian based sculptor and installation artist. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of several prestigious grants. Michelle completed her MFA (by research) at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Fine Art in 2017 and her Bachelor of Visual Arts at the ANU School of Art & Design in 2009 in Textiles and Sculpture.



Most materials will be provided.

What to bring

As this workshop focuses on sculptural form and not fabric, only white and light cream materials will be supplied. Participants are welcome to bring fabrics with different patterns or colours to work with. Participants should also bring their own lunch for each day.


Please note, enrolment closes one week prior to the first workshop.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.

Image in header: The Politics of Chiang Mai Humming Fish by Michelle Day [photo: Josie Cosgrove].