Flexibility Stretching

Flexibility Stretching

Flexibility Stretching
With David from Calm Being

Mondays >

5:20pm – 6:20pm

Wednesdays >

12:30pm – 1:30pm

(during ACT Government school terms)

Flexibility Stretching classes have helped hundreds of Canberrans since David started the courses in 2009. Now expanding under the new name Calm Being, Flexibility Stretching classes will continue on a weekly basis during the ACT school term, returning for Term 1 in February 2018. Flexibility Stretching helps you experience extraordinary reductions in chronic muscle tightness, improving everyday comfort within your body and preparing you for a great night’s sleep. With deliberate focus, you will gently challenge specific areas in the body, providing an opportunity for it to release and relax.

“Still can’t believe that only one class a week provides so much benefit. Thanks David!”

The classes actively achieve physical tension reduction and facilitate bodily relaxation. The guided breathing patterns take the mind into the body and link with an active relaxation that the body cannot defy. These stretches will carefully take you to the edge of your range of movement, and then, very gently, just a little bit further. This is a fantastic and safe space to extend your range of motion, balance the symmetry of your flexibility, and blow away chronic tension and pain. David will perform each stretch with you, guiding you, describing where you should be feeling the stretch and describing cues on how to overcome the body’s natural desire to avoid the stretch.

“My lower back pain from my desk job has greatly reduced. When I do get pain, I now know how to stretch it out.”

Flexibility Stretching is great for those with a sedentary lifestyle or a desk job. No level of fitness is required as there is no cardio component to the sessions, and you will not need a shower afterwards. In most poses, you contract the muscle under stretch for 5 seconds before deliberately relaxing. These practices are particularly beneficial for those with arms sore from computer work, sore lower back, stiff neck and/or chronically tight legs.

Flexibility Stretching

Costs >

$160 | New enrolments, 12 sessions

Enrolments essential.

More info >

Email David at david@calmbeing.com.au or call 0437 135 474. In 2018, Calm Being will offer Executive Retreat activities and workplace-based Stress Management short courses, as well as introducing new intensive Sleep Workshops.