Designing with Waste

Designing with Waste with Rachel Develin

Designing with Waste
With Rachel Develin

Tuesday 6-8:30pm

13 August – 17 September 2019

A recycling, redeveloping, reusing, reinventing, reinvigorating and reimagining workshop, designed to get you out of the cathedrals of consumerism and give you an appreciation of what we waste, trash, toss, junk, discard, dump and dispose of. Packaging materials are designed so beautifully to catch the consumer’s eye for the once-off purchase and use of its contents. However, rather than discarding this same packaging, it can be reincarnated into a work of art whether functional or for the pleasure of the eye. You will revisit traditional techniques of knitting, weaving, sewing, quilting, ironing and gluing, and reapply them to unconventional materials with gratifying results. Most of the materials used in this workshop can be found in the recycling bin, rubbish bin, op shops, recycling centres and the tip. You too can help our environment by “designing out” waste.

About Rachel Develin

Rachel Develin studied at the ANU School of Art & Design and also majored in Art History at the ANU. Her career pursuits have encompassed a variety of creative activities including floristry, commercial display art, video production, sculpture and jewellery. Her artwork is mainly created from waste materials and comments on excessive consumerism and the resultant waste of a society obsessed with commodities. Rachel has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and has entered numerous art prizes, winning multiple awards. She has also exhibited her work at large public events including Floriade and the National Folk Festival. Rachel has recently been engaged by ACT Waste as curator to facilitate the 2019 ‘Design Out Waste’ art installation for National Recycling Week in mid-November, and they are also supporting her delivery of this workshop through the provision of recycled materials.


Week 1 (13 August)
Introduction to sourcing, identifying and processing materials that will be upcycled and redesigned into creative objects and works of art. We take a look at examples of the projects that we will be working on throughout the course. We will also be making jewellery from waste, recycled materials and found objects. Each week throughout the course, equipment and materials will be on hand to create a piece of wearable art.

Week 2 & 3 (20 & 27 August)
Making ARTificial flowers, using wire and packaging containers as well as discarded materials such as DVDs, filmstrip, technology devices, old tools and tree branches. We will look at how to make individual flowers and then assemble those flowers into an arrangement.

Week 3 & 4 (27 August & 3 September)
Working with wire, plastics and ring-pulls, this is an opportunity to create a variety of projects with these materials. For example: a jewellery stand, a fruit bowl, trivets, placemats, light shades, garden art, reliefs and freestanding sculptures – whatever inspires the imagination.

Week 5 (10 September)
Creating wearable and functional art with various recycled materials, particularly plastic bags. Make raincoats, ponchos, carry bags or baskets.

Week 6 (17 September)
Revisiting and finishing all the various projects undertaken throughout the previous five weeks. We look at all the techniques used and how they can be applied to other projects in the future.



What to bring

Materials will be provided for the first workshop, however participants may want to collect their own recycled products for later workshops.


Please note, enrolment closes one week prior to the first workshop.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.

Image in header: Sprite off the Rails by Rachel Develin.