Dance on the Edge

Dance on the Edge, featuring Alana Stenning

Alana Stenning.

Dance on the Edge 2019

Saturday 4 May > 5pm & 8pm
Sunday 5 May > 2pm

Join us for Dance on the Edge at Belconnen Arts Centre to celebrate Ausdance ACT Dance Week 2019. The event will be a highlight of our live performance program with specially commissioned dancers from the ACT and region in a program that is sure to be compelling, courageous and a bit contentious!

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Great Woman Wolf Woman Bone Woman
Alana Stenning
A solo dance interpreting the story of La Loba or the Wolf Woman. Through the dance and set, the choreography will reflect on the life/death/life cycle that is so important in discovering the wild self.

Australian Dance Party
We are out of time. Wasted is a new short work capturing the often troublesome truth of hindsight, where present distractions, pressures and pleasures pervade vital decisions and actions. How can we harness time, to ensure safe futures, realise potential and save resources and effort. Why wait?

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House of Sand
A new work by dancer Eliza Sanders and musician Brendan Anderson, it will be the first collaboration between the pair. The work is an intricate combination of predetermined elements and improvisation that will comment on the relationship between apparent opposing binaries.

Gretel and Chloe Burgess
A dance-theatre work that will explore the intersection of two subjects: Gretel Burgess, stroke survivor, and Green Apple, bio-security miscreant.

An Observant Man
Nicholas Jachno
A physical exploration into the complexities of the limbic system, a system of nerves and networks in the brain concerned with instinct and mood that control our basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance).

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