Dance on the Edge 2018

Dance on the Edge 2018

Dance on the Edge 2018

Saturday 5 May > 5:00pm and 8:00pm
Sunday 6 May > 2:00pm

Celebrate Ausdance ACT Dance Week 2018 with our own professional dance artists, and take a journey with them as they explore and create new works especially commissioned by Belconnen Arts Centre. Be ready for the memorable, the mesmerising and the mischievous – their imaginations have no boundaries!

This Dance on the Edge promises to be a wild and whimsical feast for your senses, exploring a very diverse range of ideas, including Venus, goddess of love, sex and pleasure; having a stroke and coming out the other side; and issues about how we use and abuse energy in our world. 

We are thrilled to announce that the selected artists and their proposed works for Dance on the Edge 2018 are:

Alana Stenning

Australian Dance Party
Powering the Dance

Debora di Centa and Luke Falcon
When the Body is Speaking there’s a State of Flow

Gretel Burgess
A Stroke of Luck

Jamie Winbank and colleagues
This Page Intentionally Left Blank

The ACT is home to a diverse, creative and passionate dance community, and while small in number, they are big in their vision and practice. Many of them work locally, nationally and internationally, and we warmly welcome them to BAC for this event to share their latest and greatest with us.

Please note, there will be free Q&A sessions after the 8:00pm Saturday performance and 2:00pm Sunday performance, to provide audience members with the opportunity to meet the dancers and gain further insight into their works. We will also be holding an open Dance for Wellbeing class from 11:00am – 12:30pm on Sunday 6 May. Please join us!

Tickets >

$25 | General admission
$18 |
Concession admission

Friends of BAC cardholders receive concession ticket pricing.