Stretching Sleep & Happiness

Stretching Sleep & Happiness

Stretching Sleep & Happiness Workshops

Friday 7 – Sunday 9 September 2018 (Register here)

Canberra’s first Stretching Sleep & Happiness workshops

David Heap’s Stretching Sleep and Happiness Workshop will give a great all-over body stretch that will release anxiety (and chronic tension) giving you a whole new space for sleep and happiness. Just as we can carry mental tension in the body, a super relaxed body will calm and ease the psyche.

David runs the popular Flexibility Stretching classes at Belconnen Arts Centre, and is delighted to be introducing the new Stretching Sleep & Happiness Workshops throughout 2018. The highly accessible practices provide a foil to the sleeplessness and anxiety epidemics sweeping modern life. Workshops consist of three 90 minute sessions on consecutive days plus four vouchers for 60 minute sessions at any of David’s regular stretching classes in Belconnen, Civic or Woden. The practices involve stretching the physical body and progressively relaxing all the major muscle groups across the body. Each area is activated for 5 seconds and then deliberately relaxed. This stretching method is a little like Yoga Nidra, but far more focused and powerful. Each relaxation is thoroughly guided with breath cues that magnify the relaxation outcomes. Stretching can also help you experience extraordinary reductions in chronic muscle tightness, improving everyday comfort within your body and preparing you for a great night’s sleep and a calmer day tomorrow.

David’s weekly Flexibility Stretching classes have helped hundreds of Canberrans since he started the courses in 2009. The classes continue on a weekly basis in Belconnen, Civic and Woden during ACT school terms. These classes provide a weekly “top-up” of calm and sleep, extending the benefit of the workshop for four additional weeks. Previous participants have reported that the reduction of anxiety and chronic tension has allowed for gentle calm and a relief from stress, resulting in a natural and easy elevation of their mood. Wouldn’t a good sleep and the reduction in anxiety make you happy?

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3 x 90 minute sessions and 4 x 60 minute vouchers.

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Email David at or call 0437 135 474.