Stretching Sleep & Happiness

Stretching Sleep & Happiness

Stretching Sleep & Happiness Workshops

Friday 15 – Sunday 17 June 2018 > Register here

Canberra’s first Stretching Sleep & Happiness workshops

David Heap, who runs the popular Flexibility Stretching classes at Belconnen Arts Centre, is delighted to be introducing the new Stretching Sleep & Happiness Workshops in 2018. The workshops provide a such an incredible calming of our tensions and anxiety that we can simply sleep and be happy. The format is a concentrated, focused block of three 90 minute sessions on three consecutive days which delivers significant results without intruding too much into your weekend. Repeating the practices on consecutive days allows for rapid refinement of your practice. The improvements in sleep and calmness are immediate and grow over the days.

The practices involve deliberatively relaxing all the major muscle groups across the body. Working progressively across the body we will activate and stimulate each area for 5 seconds and then deliberately release and relax this specific area. This is known as either Contract/Relax or PNF stretching. This focused and deliberate activation of a muscle makes these practices far more powerful and effective than Yoga Nidra, where the mind focuses on a muscle and instructs it to relax.

The practices bring a meditative stillness to the mind. In a time when we are all so connected and permanently “on”, the workshop will allow the mind to be still and quiet for a while. Infusing the body with complete calm can help us to deal with all sorts of difficult situations and makes us feel like we’ve been on holidays. David’s Flexibility Stretching classes have helped hundreds of Canberrans since he started the courses in 2009. Classes continue on a weekly basis during ACT school terms and the Stretching Sleep & Happiness workshop series is a great introduction to these weekly classes.

Flexibility Stretching helps you experience extraordinary reductions in chronic muscle tightness, improving everyday comfort within your body and preparing you for a great night’s sleep and a calmer day tomorrow. CalmBeing’s Stretching Sleep & Happiness Workshops and the weekly classes both use the contract/relax stretching method, though there is a significant difference in the practices (isotonic vs isometric contractions). The experience of previous participants is that dispatching the tension and anxiety from our body allows us to be calm and the relief of being free from stress results in a natural easy elevation of our mood.

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June workshop
Friday 15th (7:30-9:00pm), Saturday 16th (5:30-7:00pm) and Sunday 17th (5:30-7:00pm).

Visit, email David at or call 0437 135 474.