Collision: Conflict of Sacred Realities by Fatima Killeen

Destination Gaza by Fatima Killeen.

Collision: Conflict of Sacred Realities
Fatima Killeen

Main Gallery
6 September – 27 October 2019

Opening night | 6pm Friday 6 September 2019

Collision draws attention to the conflict of sacred realities between East and West. The works are inspired by Islamic art with its Arab culture alongside references to Andalusian heritage. It is a celebration of beauty and generosity, bringing understanding and resolve to the negative stereotype surrounding the Arab and Muslim communities in Australia.

The works shed light on the fragility of culture and tradition; an insight into the struggling and divided communities living with complex issues and a persistent national media contingent continuously broadcasting messages of condemnation and disapproval. Collision engages people and invites them to a dialogue of understanding and tolerance. The installations communicate a unique cultural and spiritual perspective and a universal message of peace. The exhibition expresses concerns for the humanitarian, political and environmental impact that Western control has imposed on Arab and Muslim countries. Irrespective of the emphasis on the destruction of war, the works provide a space for contemplation and healing.

Fatima Killeen believes that a unified society of multicultural components is what guarantees tolerance, coherence and the wellbeing of the environment which we all share. Diversity is determined by our respect for the logic of nature and belief in multiculturalism.

About Fatima Killeen

Fatima Killeen

Fatima Killeen studied at Les Beaux Arts in Casablanca, Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC and ANU School of Art & Design, graduating with First Class Honours and three awards. Fatima has taken part in over 60 solo and group exhibitions with residencies in Australia, Jordan and Morocco. She received the 2017 International Honour Award for Moroccan Art & Culture and the 2016 Australian/African Award of Excellence. Her artworks have been acquired by the Australian War Memorial, ANU, Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission, CMAG, Canberra Hospital, Islamic Museum of Australia and National Museum of Australia. Fatima is included in the commemorative publication 50 Years of Art in Morocco.

You can follow Fatima on her blog.