Public Moments

Public Moments by Kira Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Public Moments
By Kira Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Arts Lounge > 16 February – 29 March

Opening night | 5:30pm Friday 16 February

Exhibition Live: Artist in Conversation | 2:00pm Saturday 24 March

Join exhibiting artist Kira Godoroja-Prieckaerts in conversation about her practice and the work in her exhibition. It is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what drives her creativity.

Public Moments focuses on the non-consensual touch of women in public space. The inspiration for the artwork comes from personal incidents but reflects a general reality. By telling these personal stories we can remind others, and ourselves, that this event does not reflect the individual woman. It is not due to their behaviour, what they did or didn’t do to keep themselves safe. It is reflective of a larger cycle of behaviour; a systemic allowance of this treatment which is repeated day in and day out.

The prints are manifestations of these events of public touching. Most incidents leave no trace or evidence of the moment other than the lived experience, so the prints act as a testament to the reality. They ground the moment, confirming its presence for those involved as well as the audience. The artwork validates the experience and redefines its influence. It is the hand of the creator, not the aggressor, that holds the power here. The force of the moment is purged from the incident and returned to the individual.

The prints of Public Moments utilise repetition to reflect the re-occurrence of behaviours and incidents across the lifetime of the individual, but also the shared nature of these experiences. Presenting these experiences to others allows us to see the systemic nature of them. Taken as a single occurrence, the problem can seem isolated and personal. In the greater context, the event becomes part of a pattern of socialised behaviour. The personal becomes political. Utilising the same etching plates highlights the re-occurrence of the moment. The layers of colour, chine collé and monotype individualise the experience. As with moments of harassment in public spaces, there are variations, but the basic principles stay the same.

About Kira Godoroja-Prieckaerts >

Kira Godoroja-Prieckaerts

Kira is a Canberra-based artist working primarily in the disciplines of drawing, printmaking and painting. Her works often explore social issues from a personal perspective. She enjoys moving beyond the traditional use of mediums and allows the subject matter to have a great influence on the expression of mark making.

Kira has been involved in group exhibitions at the 8th National Print Symposium at the National Gallery of AustraliaThe Left Hand Gallery, and a solo show at Honky Tonks. Her works have also appeared several times in Demos Journal, including the upcoming print edition. In 2017, she graduated from the ANU School of Art and Design where she received the Belconnen Arts Centre Emerging Artist Support Scheme award. 

You can find more of Kira’s work on her Instagram.