Matter and Spirit

Matter and Spirit by Leonie Gill and Gabrielle Soulsby

Matter and Spirit
By Leonie Gill and Gabrielle Soulsby

Main Gallery > 6 April – 27 May 2018

Opening night | 5:30pm Friday 6 April 2018

Fundamental to Leonie Gill and Gabrielle Soulsby’s art practice is the material. At its simplest understanding, matter (material) is where their work begins. Both artists work to communicate the unknownness, the unquantifiable that resides within materials and spirit. Their process is open-ended, consciously not wanting to create a particular result, but to explore what the material may evoke on the emotional level. Utilising the material’s intrinsic characteristics – colour, texture, surface, chemistry – both artists work without an end goal or object in mind.

The use of abstraction deliberately avoids the immediately recognisable and leads the emotions away from the familiar and its probable safe boundaries. While acknowledging that the natural beginning for the viewer is initially to look for what is familiar, the inner gaze is looking for something that is other, another sense of existence, or spirit.

The conversation between artists and materials creates a possibility for the evolution of a form or surface to speak of things that cannot be spoken about. To over speak these or to over examine breaks the tenuous connection made by the intrinsic characteristics of the material to the emotional dimension, to spirit.

About Leonie Gill and Gabrielle Soulsby >

Leonie Gill is a sculptor and visual artist. She works combining the materials of wax, cement and plaster, often incorporating various metal or organic objects. Gill’s forms are abstract and her interest is in the ambiguous. She is concerned with the way these materials can assert or suggest the non-physical rather than an identifiable object or entity. She gained her Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) degree from the ANU School of Art & Design, and since graduating has regularly exhibited in Canberra and regionally.

Gabrielle Soulsby works on paper with ink and a deliberate minimal palette. She explores the metaphysical aspects of being human through explorative mark-making based on the human figure. She is a Canberra-based artist and has exhibited locally and interstate since graduating from the ANU School of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) in Printmaking and Drawing.