Places by Solomon Grainger

By Solomon Grainger

Main Gallery > 1 June – 2 August 2018

Opening night | 6:00pm Friday 1 June 2018

While our physical presence in a place is not reflective of where we are in our journey in life, nor indicative of where we are mentally, the places we occupy are powerful both as memories and as glimpses of how we imagine our future. A sense of place plays a huge role in the significance of our memories. It leaves us with a feeling of nostalgic attachment through our recollections. Whether pulling away, or yearning to return, through the revisiting of past events we are bound to places through experience.

When we look toward the future, we project ourselves into the uncharted realm of what is to come. Our minds fill like flash floods with images, fictitious until we bring them into actuality. As we dream on we create pathways we are yet to travel, and we fill our hearts with a longing to explore, to experience, and to belong.

Places is an abstract body of work capturing the essence of parts of the world that have profoundly affected the artist, and fragmented imaginings of where the future will take him. The series is personal to his own experience, yet steeped in themes that are universal, and invite his audience to ponder the rich value of their personal history, and in turn the beauty in uncertainty of what lies ahead.