Silver Lining

Silver Lining by Painting with Parkinson's

Untitled by Ann Nugent.

Silver Lining
‘Painting with Parkinsons’

Artists | Adrian Aylott, Kathy Drake, Ann Gould, Margaret Healy, Charles Jordaan, Katrina Muir, Marilyn Nelson, Ann Nugent, Jan Robbins, Ann Somers, Dennis Thorncraft, Nazli Underwood, Barbara van der Linden and Helen Woodbridge

Foyer Gallery
1 November –
24 November 2019

Opening night | 6pm Friday 1 November 2019

An exhibition of works emerging from the ‘Painting with Parkinsons’ program, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary since it’s founding by Churchill Fellow Nancy Tingey. In addition to paintings which have been generated over the last 18 months, the exhibition will also incorporate a series of workshop sessions in collaboration with Belconnen Arts Centre’s Offbeat dance group for people with Parkinson’s. Music and movement have been a critical and dynamic focus in the painting sessions, especially with the participation of musicians from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. In addition, the use of fluid materials including watercolour and ink have been particularly enriching in the program, enabling and enhancing each participant’s engagement in the creative act.

About the artists

‘Painting with Parkinsons’ is an art therapy program for people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers. Parkinson’s symptoms are often significantly diminished as participants become involved in a particular creative endeavour. It is as if this sustained focus and engagement can help relieve tension, pain and aid in the calming of tremors and dyskinesia. Additional benefits include the management of stress, depression and anxiety and a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence. Many also comment on an increased sense of wellbeing generated by the weekly sessions, which often extends well beyond the art activity itself.