Similar Lines

Similar Lines by Elizabeth Curry and Thomas Wood

Similar Lines
Elizabeth Curry and Thomas Wood

Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award

Main Gallery > 26 July – 1 September 2019

Opening night | 6pm Friday 26 July 2019

Elizabeth Curry has sustained a life-long fascination with patterns and the contentment they elicit. From those around us in the natural world to those found in the built environment, patterns of all kinds provide order and can present a harmonious quality to the observer.

Elizabeth’s own increasingly intricate, hand-drawn, mandala-style designs were employed as a vehicle for generating the motifs to be utilised for the body of metalworks displayed in ‘Similar Lines’. Through the process of drawing, an unconscious divulgence of a visual archive is released and truly unique and intuitive, but somehow familiar, designs are produced. Elements of times, cultures and traditions are evident but only in part and thus, the resulting patterns have no specific lineage and are of no particular time.

The exhibition explores the ways in which pattern can be used to create visually intriguing objects of adornment by employing both traditional and contemporary materials, processes and methods of finishing. The transformation of the two-dimensional pattern into three-dimensional wearable objects allows a new form of energy to flow through the design, revealing an innovative and complex manifestation of the collective past in the contemporary present for a future under construction.

For many years, Thomas Wood has had an interest in plants and gardens. He has worked as a horticulturist, grown plants as a nurseryman and arranged and designed with flowers. His creative practice is influenced by the natural environment, where he finds infinite colours, patterns, shapes, textures and possibilities. Thomas is fascinated with the often unpredictable natural processes of growth and movement, and has drawn from these processes to develop a series of works that explore the themes of change and metamorphosis.

Thomas uses layering techniques of acrylic colour and a bright palette to give his work an energetic feel. He works in a repetitive and methodical way, slowly over a period of time building up layers. He has an obsession with meticulous mark-making and lines. Working in this way is a type of mindfulness, because he is completely absorbed in the task at hand. This is also how Thomas feels about gardening, where he often experiences the most captivating moods, even moments of great joy, when he is tending plants in his garden.

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Elizabeth Curry

Elizabeth Curry

Elizabeth Curry is a Queanbeyan-based designer-artist working primarily with metal. Elizabeth completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at the Australian National University, receiving two scholarships, including the Robert Foster Gold and Silversmithing Honours Scholarship, and four Emerging Artist Support Scheme Awards in her honours year. Elizabeth’s interests are broad, however, her more recent work maintains a strong emphasis on pattern and line. Having recently embarked on her professional career, Elizabeth has a lot of ideas and projects in the pipeline and is looking forward to what is still to come.

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Thomas Wood

Photo by Carl Davies.

Thomas Wood

Thomas Wood is an artist and a gardener based in Bungendore, NSW. He graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from ANU School of Art & Design in 2018, and was recognised in the Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS), receiving four acquisition awards and three EASS exhibition awards, including the Gallery of Small Things Exhibition Award, the Alliance Française Exhibition Award and the Belconnen Arts Centre Exhibition Award. In 2015, he also received the Nigel Thompson Travelling Grant, which provided funding for an international exchange to Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. His exhibitions include ANU School of Art and Design Graduating Exhibition (2016 and 2018), Friday on My Wall (with Ingrid Hunter and Rowan McGinness, 2018) and Garden Party at Kyeema Gallery, Hall ACT (2018).