Exhibition Showing > 23 September – 15 October 2017

Exhibition Opening > Friday 22 September 2017 > All welcome.

People’s Choice Award $500 (winner announced 5.30pm at the next Exhibition opening 20 October 2017)

As we journey through life, we leave traces of where we have been. We all have a connection to a place, a story or memory. 

Following on the success of the Arts Centre’s five previous open exhibitions, Belco Bizarre in 2010 Creative Alchemy in 2011, and Intersections in 2013, Hidden Treasures in 2015, Tracesin 2016 Artists were invites from throughout Australia to respond to the theme of: speaking of our sense of place; our connection to it; the stories and memories we have gathered. We encouraged them to investigate their ideas of connection and memory playfully, thoughtfully, radically, or somewhere in between as you explore the people, your relationships, places, adventures and environments that you cherish.