Big Art Adventures

Big Art Adventures: Bee Creative with Mary Kayser

Big Art Adventures | 8-12 years
Bee Creative with Mary Kayser

Saturday > 10:30am-12:30pm or 2-4pm

18 May – 22 June 2019

Bee creative and adventurous! Bee inspired by bee-autiful bees and create with some wonderful bee products. Not only do bees play a very important part in helping flowers, fruits and vegetables grow, they are also fascinating creators and makers! Explore drawing, painting and making through the world of bees. Take inspiration from the patterns and structures bees make, explore wax resist techniques on paper and fabric, and model with clay as well as wax. Design and create your own insect, bird, animal or something from your imagination, and learn about artists that were also inspired by bees when creating their artwork.

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Mary Kayser

Professional artist and educator Mary Kayser has formal teaching qualifications, a Degree in Visual Arts and over 25 years experience teaching creative art and sculpture workshops, from preschool through to adults. For the last five years, Mary has been creating and teaching the Big Art Adventures program for Belconnen Arts Centre. She is a creative nurturer who believes offering opportunities to explore individual creativity is extremely important for all ages. This drives her passion to share her many well-developed skills.

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Week 1 (18 May)
Explore some sketching and drawing techniques while observing a bee-autiful collection of flowers, fruits and vegetables that were visited by bees and insects. Experiment with line, tone and colour using a variety of art mediums. Invent and draw the creatures that visited these flowers and foods.

Week 2 (25 May)
Experiment with making marks and patterns with wax on paper and colour. Explore safely using melted wax on fabric before creating your batik-style design ready for fabric dyes.

Weeks 3 and 4 (1 Jun and 8 Jun)
Clay and more clay! Experiment first then learn useful techniques in attaching and cutting clay including methods for pinch, coil, slab and combination pots. Use techniques learnt to design and create your own sculpture. Will it be of an insect, bird, imaginative creature or something functional like a beehive? Explore using modelling wax, working with wires, wood pieces and fabric to create your ideas.

Week 5 (15 Jun)
Embellish your work with a variety of bits and pieces, using colour and paint.

Week 6 (22 Jun)
Completion of terms work, display and set up for end of term exhibition.

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All materials will be provided.

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