Big Art Adventures | Term 4

Big Art Adventures | Printmaking with Mary Kayser

Big Art Adventures | 8-12 years
Printmaking with Mary Kayser

Saturday 10:30am-12:30pm

19 October – 23 November 2019

Have fun exploring a range of printmaking processes. Printmaking can make wonderful, deliberate markings as well as create many unexpected possibilities. Be open to serendipity as well as creating whatever comes into your imagination! Artists from past to present have developed styles and techniques through experimentation; as one example, the artist Max Ernst introduced his experimental technique of frottage, where he placed sheets of paper on floorboards, tiles, bricks or whatever was at hand and rubbed them with graphite, producing strange shapes and patterns. The texture of these frottage drawings was then applied to his paintings, combined with other techniques he invented. You will also learn about some different printmaker artists, including from our Canberra region.

This six-week workshop encourages experimentation as well as exploring a number of printmaking techniques with an emphasis on line and mark-making, both two and three-dimensionally. Explore printing from your own designed collagraph, carved relief block, monotype print and sun print. Drypoint and other methods using metal printing plates and etching tools will be displayed and highlighted.

The effect of printing into clay then casting it in plaster is exciting and brings marks alive three-dimensionally, depending on the depth of the print. For students already apt in this process, learn how to create repeatable castings. The workshop will continue to take students through an art process and encourage creative enquiry based thinking and making. Experimentation and observation are highly encouraged, as is individual creativity.

About Mary Kayser

Mary Kayser

Professional artist and educator Mary Kayser has formal teaching qualifications, a Degree in Visual Arts and over 25 years experience teaching creative art and sculpture workshops, from preschool through to adults. For the last five years, Mary has been creating and teaching the Big Art Adventures program for Belconnen Arts Centre. She has been the recipient of a number of art awards and grants for her arts practice. Mary is inspired by the natural environment, its contrasts and how living things are intricately connected. Science also shapes her thinking, as do the simple aspects of everyday life. The materials she uses have a story and she works with them to compose forms that poetically describe concepts, themes and her observations. She is a creative nurturer who believes offering opportunities to explore individual creativity is extremely important for all ages.


Weeks 1 and 2
Explore the work of some artists who use collagraphs to print from. Play with frottage and visual texture. Experiment with these effects to design your image and make your own collagraph. Explore printing from your collagraph using single and/or multiple colours. On a sunny day, choose from a mixture of colour dye washes and shapes to create a sun print.

Week 3
Learn how to safely carve into rubber creating a relief printing block/stamp from which to print multiple prints. Make your own birthday, friendship or Christmas cards, or create a unique artwork. Explore monotype printing this week and next week.

Weeks 4 and 5
Experiment with printing into clay then design and create your print in a clay base. Decide how it will be displayed. See what happens when plaster is poured over your clay printing and left to set. Those students experienced in this process have the option to create a silicone mould over their clay print to make multiple plaster castings. Colour your 3D print (sculpture relief).

Week 6
Complete all artwork and set up/display for the end of term exhibition.



All materials will be provided.

What you need to bring

Please wear old clothes (or bring an apron). Covered shoes are required.


Should you find that your chosen class is full, please add yourself to the waiting list on Eventbrite and you will be contacted if a place becomes available.

Terms and conditions

  • Refunds are available if requested at least one week (7 days) prior to the commencement of the workshop(s).
  • Refunds requested within one week (7 days) of the commencement of the workshop(s) are only available in exceptional circumstances and must be supported by documentation (i.e. medical certificate).
  • No refunds will be given after the commencement of the workshop(s).
  • Partial refunds are not available if you are unable to attend individual workshops that are part of a workshop series.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.

Image in header by Mary Kayser.