Mini Art Adventures | Term 4

Mini Art Adventures | The Human Body with Michelle Day

Mini Art Adventures | 2-4 years
The Human Body with Michelle Day

Sunday 10-11am

20 October – 24 November 2019

Let’s jiggle, wiggle and shake our bodies! We’ll trace our bodies, make casts of our limbs, paint with our fingers and discover how our brains and hearts are the foundation of our fun and free lives. We will make our art as much as possible outdoors and in the sunshine so we have the freedom to be a little bit messy. We will embark on a colourful journey around the human body, discovering portraiture and facial expression, making ambitious life-sized body tracings, creating plaster casts of our footprints and handprints, and representing the circulatory system, bones, brain and heart through collage, painting, wrapping and binding. We will learn about the body through songs and stories and will look at the work of professional artists who are influenced by the human body to create their art.

About Michelle Day

Michelle Day

Michelle Day is an Australian based sculptor and installation artist. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of several prestigious grants. Michelle completed her MFA (by research) at Chiang Mai University in 2017 and her Bachelor of Visual Arts at the ANU School of Art and Design in 2009, in Textiles and Sculpture. Michelle’s work focuses on the organic world and the wonders of nature – the beautiful and the uncomfortable. She often creates her work from translucent, delicate materials paired with illumination.


Week 1
Portraiture and Facial Expression
Let’s begin our art adventure looking at faces and facial expression. Using collage and drawing we will create our own colourful portraits of ourselves and we’ll experiment with how to express different facial expressions and moods through art. We will look at artists who specialize in portraiture and look at contemporary interpretations of the face.

Week 2
Life-size Body Tracings
This week we will get larger-than-life and trace our whole bodies on large sheets of paper. We will then decorate our body-sized drawings by painting with our hands, fingers, brushes and tools of our own creation – expressing our personalities through bright and bold, gentle and delicate or whatever is your style. Parents will also have the opportunity to have a body tracing performed by their child. This process of tracing is a good exercise for developing children’s motor skills.

Week 3
Embellishing our Body Tracings
Let’s learn and read all about how our bodies work. We will use processes of stamping, sticking and collaging with cardboard, wool and paint to create a circulatory system and a bone filled skeleton to bring our life-size body-tracings to life.

Week 4
‘Oh if only I had a brain’ (Wizard of Oz)
This week we will give our life-sized body tracing a brain and heart. We will look at the exciting world inside our bodies and play with mixed materials such as wool, fabric and cardboard using processes of wrapping and binding to create and understand how the brain, lungs and heart work.

Week 5
Dressing our Body Tracings
Let’s dress our life-size body artworks for the weather. What will they wear? Where are they going? We’ll use marble and ball painting techniques and painting over wax to decorate our new cardboard outfits.

Week 6
Casting Foot-Prints
Let’s create a memento of our bodies and our identity. We’ll work with plaster and clay to make plaster casts of our handprints and footprints to take home. We will look at other artists who cast body parts and explore the textures and patterns on the surface of our skin that identify us, such as fingerprints and freckles.



All materials will be provided. 


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Image in header by Michelle Day.