Small Dance Together | Term 4

Small Dance Together with Debora di Centa

Small Dance Together | 5-7 years
With Debora di Centa

Belconnen Arts Centre
Sunday 12:45-1:45pm

20 October – 24 November 2019

Forde Community Centre
Wednesday 5-6pm

30 October – 4 December 2019

Small Dance Together is an intergenerational dance adventure, specifically created to facilitate children aged 5-7 to move and dance with their adults. Dancing together enhances the relationship between adult and child, adding more awareness, strength and flexibility to body and mind. The aim of each class is to create a safe and fun environment for all participants to develop their creativity through some set exercises and creative movement practice. Throughout each class, we aim to explore, be creative, have fun and most importantly, experience quality family time and wellbeing.

About Debora di Centa

Debora di Centa

Debora di Centa grew up in Italy and started dancing at a young age. She has extensive training in Graham and Laban techniques as well as contemporary dance and choreography. Debora has studied and collaborated in dance works, research and performances with Laban experts and other dance specialists around Europe. She has worked in Italy for many years, collaborating with dance collectives and other independent artists as well as teaching dance and movement classes in schools. Debora is currently based in Canberra, pursuing her professional development around Australia, New Zealand and internationally. She teaches, performs, choreographs, and directs dance events in both professional and community settings. Since 2016, Debora has led the Canberra Contact Improvisation community. She also teaches in the Dance For Wellbeing program at Belconnen Arts Centre, Pre-Professional at Canberra Dance Development and creates her own works through ISEMS Projects. Her motto is ‘Dance for All!’


Term 4 is inspired by space, planets, the moon, stars and galaxies. The workshops will take participants through an adventure which will unfold progressively week by week. We will play with different ideas generated by the different topics within the theme through the use of images, props, music and most importantly, our movement.

Week 1
Introductions, small tasks, creative dance practice, travelling in space, final dance.

Week 2
Opening dance, how to dance on other planets, duo dance and interactions, travelling like planets in space, leading and following, and mini choreography.

Week 3
The moon
Opening dance, exploring light movements on the moon, ways of lifting your children, playing with swapping roles through movement interactions, and a group dance.

Week 4
Object interactions, rolling on the floor, listening and composing small star constellation dances, improvising to the sound of music and dancing images.

Week 5
Becoming a galaxy
Warm ups, playing with new ideas for embodiment.

Week 6
Space odyssey day
Today we will pull all aspects of past activities together toward the creation of a final space-themed small dance together!



One adult per enrolled child must attend workshops. All materials will be provided.

What to bring

Please wear comfortable clothes (socks, gym wear, t-shirts and/or long sleeves) and bring a water bottle.

Belconnen enrolment

We require parents, grandparents or guardians to attend Small Dance Together workshops.

Forde enrolment

We require parents, grandparents or guardians to attend Small Dance Together workshops.

Terms and conditions

  • Refunds are available if requested at least one week (7 days) prior to the commencement of the workshop(s).
  • Refunds requested within one week (7 days) of the commencement of the workshop(s) are only available in exceptional circumstances and must be supported by documentation (i.e. medical certificate).
  • No refunds will be given after the commencement of the workshop(s).
  • Partial refunds are not available if you are unable to attend individual workshops that are part of a workshop series.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.